About Us



Lovell Lumber Co., Inc. produces  some of the finest quality Eastern White Pine boards in New England. Our lumber  products are distributed mainly through wholesalers and wholesale distributors.  Retail customers are welcome to visit the mill’s on-site retail outlet, the Pine  Shop, for great deals.


Lovell Lumber Co., Inc.  manufactures over 5.5 million board feet of Eastern White Pine lumber annually;  producing 1 x 4 through 1 x 12 widths, available in a variety of common and  specialty patterns, as well as some 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 items.


Our raw material base is within a  50 mile radius of the mill which is nestled in the pristine Saco River Valley of  Western Maine. This area is known for its sandy soils and perfect growing  conditions, yielding some of the highest quality Eastern White Pine timber in  North America.


 Lovell Lumber  Co. was purchased in October of 1973 by Edward and Helen Woodbrey. At first the  mill was producing only 3 thousand board feet per day of rough, green Eastern Hemlock  manufactured on a circular saw mill. Ed and Helen soon realized that the mill  had a much greater potential than was being shown.  


 Management of  the mill was handed down to the eldest son Mark when Ed passed away in 1983.  Mark has carried on with his dad’s original focus of quality over quantity, and  that philosophy has made Lovell Lumber what it is today. All production is  graded 3 times by NeLMA certified graders, and everyone that touches the board  in the manufacturing process has grading knowledge.