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The Finest Kiln Dried Eastern White Pine from the Saco River Valley, Maine

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Pine Boards in 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 thickness available in the following grades.

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D & Better Select Grade

Material of this high-quality grade combination is used for natural or stained finish application, fine woodworking, or interior trim.



Finish Grade

Finish grade material is a fine appearance, knotty grade calling for sound, tight knots that can be finished to take advantage of the natural characteristics of the piece or to give a fine smooth painted surface. Common uses are trim and paneling.


Premium Grade

Premium grade is a good appearance knotty grade used in the same applications as Finish where larger and more numerous characteristics are desired. Common uses are for exterior trim and interior paneling as well as exterior siding.


Standard Grade

Standard grade is highly serviceable and used in a wide variety of applications that take advantage of the full range of Eastern White Pine characteristics. Standard is commonly used for interior paneling for those who want a rustic appearance. Other common uses would be sheathing and exterior siding.


Industrial Grade

Industrial grade is the lowest common board grade. It admits large characteristics in any combination as long as the piece is usable full length. This material is generally used in rough construction where strength and appearance are not of primary importance. Primary uses are sheathing and some interior paneling where the end-user wants a real rustic appearance.



Bagged Shavings

Lovell Lumber’s bagged shavings are an all natural product.

We do not use any chemicals in our manufacturing process, so

Our pine shavings make great bedding for animals.

Our bags are:




Raw Pine Bark Mulch

Great ground cover / erosion control

Please call the mill for pricing and availability.


Lovell Lumber sells firewood harvested from our sustainably managed timber

lots. All the firewood is hardwood consisting of Red Oak, Maple, White Birch

and Ash. The firewood is cut in 16" length and split. We have firewood

available either dry, seasoned or green. Please call the mill for pricing and


Pine Sawdust

Available most of the year, great bedding for livestock and horses.

Paper Mill Quality Pine Chips

Great for playground areas

Call for pricing and availability 



Lovell Lumber
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Lovell Lumber Co. Inc.
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Tel: 207.925.6455
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