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The Finest Kiln Dried Eastern White Pine from the Saco River Valley, Maine

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Lovell Lumber Co. was purchased in October of 1973 by Edward and Helen Woodbrey. At first the mill was producing only 3 thousand board feet per day of rough, green Eastern Hemlock manufactured on a circular saw mill. Ed and Helen soon realized that the mill had a much greater potential than was being shown.

Over the next 10 years they worked to modernize the facilities purchasing a Sanborn double-cut band saw for the initial log breakdown and a Sanborn gang edger for secondary breakdown of the log. A new automatic trimmer and computerized grading station added farther down the line of production allowed Lovell Lumber to now produce over 5 million board feet annually without losing its attention to quality. With production levels up, Lovell Lumber could now take advantage of the high quality pine that grew in the sandy soils of the Saco River Valley.

Management of the mill was handed down to the eldest son Mark when Ed passed away in 1983. Mark has carried on with his dad’s original focus of quality over quantity, and that philosophy has made Lovell Lumber what it is today. All production is graded 3 times by NeLMA certified graders, and everyone that touches the board in the manufacturing process has grading knowledge.

Lovell Lumber has a Yates American A2010 planer that has been retrofitted with hydro lock heads to produce some of the finest surfaced lumber in New England. A Unimat 22N Weinig moulder is used in the cut-shop to utilize boards as short as 3 feet. “We save everything out of the tree,” says Mark who realizes “Sustainable Forestry” and total utilization of a valuable resource is the only way to insure longevity for the industry.

Lovell Lumber provides a wide variety of wood and forest products which are manufactured from timber obtained from private landowners as well as timber cut off our nearly 1000 acres of timberland which is managed by certified foresters.

Lovell Lumber has a comprehensive safety program designed to cover all aspects of the lumber mill operations. The success of the program depends not only on management administration of same, but also on the concerted cooperation of all employees.

 All of us are familiar with the saying "accidents will happen."  However, we can also say that safety is no accident. To assure effective operations and provide the best possible work environment, Lovell Lumber has taken all reasonable means to require employees to work and act in a safe and healthful manner and conduct their work in compliance with all applicable safety and health rules and regulations.

Lovell Lumber has been a member of the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NeLMA) since 1973. Lovell Lumber is consistently recognized by NeLMA as having an “Outstanding Safety Performance” record. Our most current awards from NeLMA are 2008 3rd Place in Combined Operations, Division 2 (25,001-50,000 Man Hours) and 2008 2nd Place in Sawmill Division 2. We pride ourselves on Safety First for our employees and as well as our customers.


Lovell Lumber
Sustainably Harvesting the Finest
in White Pine Products Since 1973
                                                                                      Lovell Lumber Co. Inc
                                                                                                       P.O. Box 106, 3 Mill Street
                                                                                                       Lovell, ME. 04051           
                                                                                                      Tel: 207.925.6455
                                                                                                      Fax: 207.925.6555


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